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02m21d2017y1p dictionary

If you visit the dictionary page now you should see a mighty fine dictionary export. I got around to writing this python program, that takes a comma delimited list of conwords, parts of speech, and english equivalence into what I think is a well formatted dictionary.

Here is the source code

#loads a csv file delimited by @, loads each line into memory
def load_csv():
    temp1 = []
    temp2 = []
    with open('dict.csv') as f:
        temp1 = f.readlines()
    for each in temp1:
        each = each[0:-1].split('@')
    return temp2

#load csv file for html export
lines = load_csv()
full = ['<table width="100%" class="define">']
for each in lines[1:]:
    gather = ['<tr><td>']
    gather.append(each[0]+' ')
    strip = each[0].replace('^','')
    strip = strip.replace('-','')
    gather.append('<span class="kyrete_c">'+strip+'</span> ')
    ipa = []
    for every in strip:
        if every in 'abedfghiklmnopstuvwz':
        elif every == 'c':
        elif every == 'j':
        elif every == 'q':
        elif every == 'r':
        elif every == 'x':
        elif every == 'y':
    ipa = ''.join(c for c in ipa)
    gather.append('/'+ipa+'/ ')
    gather.append('<b>('+each[1]+')</b> - ')
    gather.append(each[2]+' ')
    gather = ''.join(c for c in gather)
full = ''.join(c for c in full)

with open("wordlist.html", "w") as myfile:

print('Dictionary Export Complete!')

01m12d2017y1p fable - the man and the man on the moon

hyto hasu ki fo.
su ny su nu mu.
su sy fe su nu mu/

ba jo ca mu.
mi ti nune nu so.
mu ti tati wu ny vodu/

su nu mu ciba.
gy ji gu ca mu.
hasu nu mi ge gu be ji/

ju ge givave gu fe ti ji.
ju fege sa hu givave fe be.
su nu mi dujo gu givave ge ti/

gudu ji fege feji gu su nu mi.
fe pe wu ny vodu tawa ny voda/

hasu nu mu ny hasu ny my.
ti su py ny xosory py haxosory/

There were two men.
A man, and the man of the moon.
The man spoke to the man of the moon.

Why are you on the moon?
The earth is full of life.
The moon is so dark and cold.

The man of the moon answered.
If I was not on the moon.
The men of earth could not see me.

They could not wish to be me.
They would have no wish to see.
Men of earth with no wish to be.

Without me, no man of earth would come;
to make dark and cold, bright and warm.

Men on moon. and men of stars,
Are men the same, and dream same dreams.

01m10d2017y1p first post

Thank you for checking out the content here. Often I will be sharing my content with other venues first. However, it will eventually make its way to a collection here on conlang.org. A lot of the content will be gallery material, or resources I have worked on to be distributed. I plan to post other conlang related posts at least twice a week here, more often if I can manage. If you like the way things are going and want know more, get ahold of me.