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Being more of a history of the conlang through revision examples, this will be a chronological list of all of the changes made to kyrete over the years.


A shoty attempt to make latin characters in MsPaint affixing characters to a fixed grid.

phonetic inventory

Putting together a chart for the new kyrete phonetics.

concept blockscript

The first concept for an attempt at a writing system.

northwind blockscript

I created an set of images for the alphasyllabary. I used Image Splitter to split up 3 different sizes of the 120 morphemes that would be assembled into the blockscript. here is the first attempt to translate and assemble the script by hand. The next here is The North Wind and the Sun - Aesop's Fables. Here the text is written left-to-right, where large square blocks end sentences, and consecutive blocks end paragraphs. You will notice there are more sentences here than in the example text. This is because I broke the content into simpler statements to ease translation.

blockscript automation

After a few attempts at assembling the text by hand in MSPaint, then moving into HTML to assemble the text programmatically; I eventual gave into automating the process with a english to kyrete relex translator with HTML export. I inserted the images I created with the image splitter, and the results were exactly what I intended. It supports very large documents. I even intended on translating Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, using this script; but decided that it was a very ugly creation and needed to be destroyed before things got out of hand. The example text blow is Cuil Theory (I got temporarily lost in the mathematics of the Cuil Wiki).